Cheers To The New & Exciting Beverage Trends

In 2019, total US alcoholic beverage sales were over $250 billion — Non-alcoholic beverages reached $919 billion


The Changing World Of Drinks

  • Sales of soda drinks in the US have been declining for over a decade

    • Governments around the world have introduced taxes on sugary drinks in an effort to discourage consumption

    • Top soda maker PepsiCo has noticed the trend and acquired multiple functional water brands, including SodaStream and KeVita


The beverage market is experiencing rapid growth and innovation, with the following 5 categories especially high in consumer popularity


Functional Waters

  • By 2025, the global functional water market is expected to reach $18.24 billion

  • Consumers are turning away from sugary drinks and choosing functional waters —  still or sparkling, herb-infused waters

    • Common additives include vitamins, acids, minerals, herbs, fruits, and vegetables

  • Drivers of growth

    • Shift toward products infused with healthy and weight loss-friendly ingredients 

    • Convenience and positive effects on human nutrition

    • Popularity among the working class and millennial populations

  • Restraints

    • Fluctuations in cost

    • Increasing customer bargaining power due to availability of lower-priced substitutes and low switching costs


Consumer preference for organic food is creating interest in organic beverages


Organic Beverages

  • By 2027, the global organic beverages market is expected to reach $32.78 billion

  • Brands are crafting organic drinks to help customers address specific wellness goals

  • Drivers of growth

    • Awareness of health benefits associated organic products

    • Demand for sugar-free caffeine-free beverages

    • Consumer preference for naturally flavored products


Coffee fuels the modern world, and demand for the natural energy drink will only increase


Variety Of Coffee Formats

  • By 2027, the global ready-to-drink (RTD) tea and coffee market is expected to reach $133.9 billion

  • Consumers can buy RTD coffee in cartons, cans, and bottles

  • Drivers of growth

    • Rising awareness of healthy habits

    • Demand for low-sugar and sugar-free alternatives

    • Innovative new products

    • COVID-19 lockdowns shifted demand toward at-home coffee


Health-conscious consumers looking for a caffeine-free energy boost are choosing herbal teas


Tea Is The New Coffee

  • By 2027, the global tea market is expected to reach $68.95 billion

  • Cold brews, nitro offerings, functional add-ins, and plant-based milk blends are revamping the cold tea category

  • Drivers of growth:

    • Growing preference for herbal and highly oxidized tea

    • Increasing awareness of healthy lifestyle habits


Consumers are trying alcoholic beverages featuring new and interesting flavors


Innovative Alcohol Flavors

  • By 2027, the global RTD alcoholic beverages market is expected to reach $19.46 billion

  • Brands are offering good-for-you ingredients and flavors in the RTD alcoholic beverage market — including apple, tropical fruits, citrus fruits, and berries

  • Drivers of growth

    • Preference for low- and no- alcohol content drinks

    • Awareness of effects of excessive alcohol consumption

    • Wide availability in market and range of flavors

  • The Growth Of Mocktails

    • Alcohol-free mixed drinks are growing in popularity

      • Younger generations are less likely to drink alcohol regularly

      • Consumers are focused on healthier options

      • Many still want luxurious, complex flavors found in mixed drinks

      • Families want a special drink to celebrate with their children

    • Mocktails aren’t just for pregnant women

      • “There’s a huge contingent of non-drinkers, people who don’t drink but still want to partake in the bar scene. It’s about the experience. The look, the feel, the heft of the glass. It’s important.” — Steve Corman, co-owner of Vena’s Fizz House in Portland, Main


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The non-alcoholic beverage market is booming!
It's time for the rise of several key markets
::droplet: Functional Waters ($18.24 billion by 2025)
:mate_drink: Organic Beverages ($32.78 billion by 2027)
:coffee: Variety of Coffee Formats ($133.9 billion by 2027)
:tea: Teas ($68.95 billion by 2027)
:cocktail: Innovative Alcohol Flavors ($19.46 billion by 2027)
:tropical_drink: Introducing - the growth of the Mocktail!

Learn more in the infographic below: